In January of 2017, Women and Infants hospital commissioned me to write and perform a patient experience monologue about RI's opioid epidemic. This performance was used at a Schwartz Grand Round, a family and patient summit and has since been picked up by the RI department of health to be used in their trainings. 

In September of 2016, I submitted my empathy intensive through a science experiment involving my training, simulated delivery of bad news, residents at an oncology hospital, and a blind rating of empathetic technique. Across the board, residents who took my intensive before delivering bad news scored better than residents who took my intensive after delivering bad news. 

In November of 2015 I debuted my manager intensive workshop (run time: 4-5 hours). Since then, I have used this training at Paytronix, Tufts, Bryant, Bryn-Mawr and Haverford. 

In September of 2014 I taught a workshop at AT&T corporate headquarters in Atlanta Georgia. This workshop went so well, they decided to integrate my workshop into their sales curriculum.  I now fly down for regular training sessions. 

In August of 2014 I traveled to Baylor University to teach at their Top Gun Training Sessions

"Melissa Bowler brings an energy and passion to the workshops that she presents. And that energy and passion is infectious. She worked with 50 of our students on a Friday evening, which marked the beginning of a weekend-long program.  By the close of the weekend, students were calling out Melissa’s Improv workshop as the best feature of the weekend programming. We will be having Melissa join us again to work with our students!" -Andrea Dixon, PhD, Executive Director, Baylor University's Center for Professional Selling

In August of 2014 I traveled to University of Georgia to teach for their MBA and Business Undergrad Program.

"Ms. Bowler's improv training sessions with over 100 UGA exec MBA, full-time MBA, MAC, JD and undergrad students were simply outstanding.  She engaged each and every student and challenged us all to more-broadly/actively consider and apply both the concepts and tools that she delivered as well as the balance of the students' training and materials that they'll encounter this semester and going forward.  Universally well-received - a great investment & happy to discuss further if you're considering employing Ms. Bowler in your program." -Rich Gooner, Ph.D., Terry College of Business, University of Georgia

In April of 2014, I won the National Conference in Sales Management, University Sales Center Alliance: Best Practices in Teaching, with my colleague, Dr. Stefanie Boyer

"The students now have an appreciation of how improv can help them in their business careers. This training really differentiates Bryant students from others. After the workshop, students said that they really loved the experience... The students said it was unlike any other training they have had in the past and now feel more confident in handling situations where they must think on their feet."  -Dr. Stefanie Boyer, Bryant University

In May of 2013, I spoke at the Tompkins Medical Society Annual Meeting in Ithaca New York. This talk addressed the relevance of improv in the medical community.

"In conversations with people, they seem to have taken to heart your message of listening so we can connect in dealing with each other and patients. I liked your stories mixed in with the lessons... saying "yes and", and using body language to be humble and show interest." -Russell Norton MD, Vice President Tompkins Medical Society

In September of 2009, I started teaching improv comedy in Providence, RI. Then, in 2012 I, along with a handful of other performing artists and teachers, opened the Providence Improv Guild. This school and venue has since quadrupled the improv community in Providence. 

"Melissa Bowler's brilliance as an improviser comes from a deep understanding of her craft, which makes her an ideal teacher of improv. She helps students to understand the underlying and often complex strategies and techniques that are essential to becoming a better improv performer. She has a natural ability to effectively communicate the subtleties of improv. Her passion as a teacher shines through as she always brings energy and positivity to her well-planned lessons... Her class was always equal parts fun and educational. " -Stuart Wilson, Providence